Saturday, 16 January 2010

Cleanskin - Barossa Greenock Basket Pressed Shiraz 2008

Sorry bout the simulated profanity, but I just tried to order another dozen of this wine, only to find that it has sold out.
Shit shit shit.

Easily the best cleanskin I have ever tasted and I should have bought more last week, but I made a stupid new years resolution to only buy once a month. I thought I'd wait, but after trying this tonight I was going to make this my monthly purchase.
It's THAT good.

Thanks to Stephen and Chris I had tried the Norman's Basket Pressed Shiraz and loved it. Only to find it had sold out when i wanted more. So I swooped on this cleanskin from the same region and was not disappointed.

A pleasant nose and mouth full of Strawberry Jam (in my opinion) (in fact it is very much a strawberry jam flavour... despite the tasting notes)
There is a generous amount of wood too. Plus plum.
On the whole it's brilliant for the price.
Damn my stupid resolution. This is worth more.

Rating: 9.3 (would have bought 2 dozen if i could)
Price $10 a bottle (Get Wines Direct)


Anonymous said...

cleanskin = no pretty pictures?
please explain [yes, in -that- voice]

Anonymous said...

oh, and welcome back!
still waiting for that Peter Lehmann "Mentor" review.

The Red Pool said...

I'm waiting for it to have a student discount :)