Sunday, 7 February 2010

Tyrrell's Wines Rufus Stone Shiraz 2007 (Heathcote)

Mmmm.. this wine was a pressie and a welcome one at that.
I love Heathcote Shiraz and this was no disappointment. Really smooth and almost buttery.
Definitely a cut above some of the shiraz I have had lately and a wonderful accompaniment to the Lamb Madrasi I had from Sultans Kitchen at Clayfield. (normally I would be cooking the curry, but Sultans does this one particularly well... and it rained like something from the Old Testament today, so curry and a good red was just what the Doctor ordered.

Ahem. I digress...

Find this wine. I assume Tyrrells is available anywhere. It has a strong and tasty berry palate. Easy to drink, but not like lolly water. A hint of chocolate???
Nice french oak but not over powering - quite restrained alongside the rich berries.
I would love to get more of this and will suss it out once i finish this spiel.
Not imagining it's under $20. Let me know your thoughts if you have any...

Price: a gift (will take a look online later) (investigations show that it is indeed under $20... it's definitely a winner then)

NB. My investigations show that this wine sells for $14.99 at most online retailers, yet Get Wines Direct are stating that it's $24.95... shop around.

Rating: 92 (will get some more for sure!!)

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Cedar Creek Estate Revelation Red 2009 (Granite Belt)

This may seem like I have crossed over to the Light side... but I really enjoy this wine.
So do many others that visit the Cedar Creek Estate Cellar door. The Revelation Red is a huge seller in the cellar (no, it's not really meant to be funny)
So, yes, the wine... well it's definitely a summer wine. Cab Sav and Muscat. Very easy to drink and only 9.5% Alcohol.
Very sweet and jammy, but extremely smooth on the palate. It's almost a 'fun' wine. (I can't believe I said that)
Let's just say that it went perfectly with the Chicken Saag I cooked today. mmm...

Better than most of the summer wines I have tried (moscato etc) but since it's really only available at the cellar door, it's not comparable price wise.
However, if you do find yourself at Tamborine mountain, then grab a bottle or two and head down into the Glow Worm caves.
They are pretty amazing.

Now I don't have a picture to go with this review, since I can't get a decent shot on the iPhone but when i do, I'll whack it on here. Apologies to those that need to see a label. (Umm.. I have obviously remedied my laziness and a photo appears)

Another extremely drinkable QLD summer wine. We seem to do summer quite well up here.
Give it a try and let me know what you think. I would love to buy more but the $18 price tag is a little prohibitive.

I realise that my tastes have run to the sweet of late, but the weather dictates it.

Rating 88
Price $18 at the Cellar Door