Thursday, 28 February 2008

Alexanders 'The Sisters' Cab Sav Shiraz 2007 (South Australia)

Just a quickie... Alexanders 'The Sister' Cab Sav Shiraz was not unpleasant at all and in time may grow to bigger better things. As a 2007 wine, I am not sure how long it will last as it only took a relatively short breathing time to open up.

Nothing wrong with ready to drink wines if they have the rest to go with it though.

This does have a good rich fruity mocha feel and whilest not as good as the Vasarelli we had the other night, it is still good at the $10 mark.

I wouldn't get it again, but wouldn't sneeze at it either.

Drinkability 88

Value 90

Price $10 (cellarmasters discovery pack price)

Monday, 25 February 2008

Vasarelli Vineyards McLarenvale Shiraz 2006

What a nice surprise!! Got this bottle in a 12 bottles for $99 special at Cellarmasters and it was well worth it. I am quite familiar with Vasarelli having tried a good deal of their range.
This is a lower end (for them) release, but really it is better than many wines up to three times what this is worth.
It needed a little time to open up and my first glass was a little premature, but after the right time had passed and the wine had opened up sufficiently, it showed a very classy repertoire of smoky chocolate berries and much more.
I highly recommend this wine and am going to take advantage of the special that Cellarmasters is running on half price dozens... so i may just get 24 bottles for $250 (if I have room in the cellars...)
Drinkability 92
Value 97
Price $11 (on special - Cellarmasters)

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bannockburn 'The Estate' Pinot Noir Geelong 2004

It's been a while since I updated this, but the middle of summer in Brisbane does not make for good Red Drinking... However, that hasn't stopped me and just for something different I bought a Pinot Noir today from Dan Murphys.. on a whim.
It was $29, but the sales person assured me that he drinks it and that as a 2004, it would show some of the age signs that make Pinot so attractive.
So here I am.
To be honest, I didn't mind it. Smoky sweet and fruity all in one, it really is a taste all of it's own. (Pinot that is) This is the low end of the Bannockburn range for Pinot but it was certainly not a cheapie.
My palate is not geared to this variety yet, so these notes are mainly for me. Good nose and mouthfeel, and smooth on the palate. Quite a nice drop and I hope to get into more Pinot soon.
Drinkability: 90
Value: 88
Price : $29.00 (Dan Murphys)
ps. this label is not right as it is 'The Estate' that I had tonight.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Seppelt Dorrien Cabernet Sauvignon 1999 (Barossa)

A special treat tonight for a special occasion.. today was my last day at work before I start at university. This Seppelt Dorrien Estate was bought as part of my leaving present. The other part being a 2004 Torbreck 'The Factor' which i will keep til I finish at Uni.
I decided to drink this as it really is a big occasion, I have worked at ALS for almost 11 years and to leave a job at my age is pretty farking scary. However... I digress...
This wine was selected by the guy that has taught me more about wine than anyone so far... he rated it very highly. 1999 was apparently not a bad year, so I really was expecting something special...
This wine was quite nice. It started out well and held it's charm throughout the bottle. Now I don't really want to compare, but this was very similar to the 2000 La Testa Blend. Very dark fruit and very smooth. However, it was less syrupy than the La Testa and I enjoyed it a lot more.
At roughly $50 a bottle I would have expected more though. It's probably just my naivety but I would probably choose the $17 La Testa over the Seppelt, even if the La Testa was on special etc etc... you get the picture.
A really nice wine with a distnctive fruit driven flavour. I rate it highly as it is a classy wine, but for value, you can find cheaper (if a little inferior)
Drinkability 93/94
Value 88
Price $40? (It was a present)

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Classic McLaren LaTesta Shiraz/Grenache/Cabernet Blend 2003

Following on from a bottle of Dorrien Growers 04, I opened this bottle of Classic McLaren La Testa Blend.

It's starting to hold it's own now and although it's not a patch on the 2000, it's a very nice quaffer @ $10 a bottle.

Similar to the 'Old Vine's' Cleanskin, it's got a lot of dark fruit flavour but is smooth and well made. Unfortunately it has sold out on Get Wines Direct, but I'm sure they will get more.

Drinkability 89

Value 89

Price $9.95 Get Wines Direct