Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Brokenwood Red Dirt Regional Blend 2003

Something I bought on a whim from Grays Online at about $6 a bottle.
Best whim I have had in a long time of having whims... I took a punt on the blend of Shiraz, Grenache and Pinot Noir being OK and it really comes up well.

Smooth on the finish with a good amount of oak vs. fruit. (Quite a nice chocolatey/Vanilla feel, which as you may know... I love!!)
You can taste the Pinot, but it's really a good full blend of all three varieties that make this a unique drop. Tart but not acidic.

I'm really impressed with this and glad I bought the full dozen when I had the chance. Am happy to hear from anyone else that has tried it to get their impressions...

Drinkability 90
Value 95
Price $6 per bottle plus postage (Grays Online)

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Vasarelli Vineyards Family Reserve Shiraz 2005 (McLarenvale)

First off.. this is not the proper label, but we left the bottle at the restaurant. (Sultan's Kitchen Clayfield - Brilliant Indian!!!)
This wine is marketed as ready to drink, but it still needed an hour or so in the decanter to really show it's love. A beautiful blend of French and American oak has given this wine a great chocolaty nose. Well I see it as chocolate, it's smoky without being dry.
In the mouth it's velvety and full flavoured. Not dry at all, but a nice rich fruity taste, which combined with the oak makes for a very pleasant drop.
I am a fan of the Vasarelli line of Shiraz and am hoping that Cellarmasters still have a case of the 2006 there. I'm still not sure as to how the wines rank, but this 'Family Reserve' seems to be quite good, especially if it is at the lower end of their quality ladder.
The Vasarelli super premiums are great, but for me, these low end drops are worth looking at more often. Not sure what these would be worth now, but at <$20 they are brilliant value.
Drinkability 91
Value 91
Price <$20 Cellarmasters wine club

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Gotham McLarenvale Shiraz 2007

Holy Sh*t Batman. This wine straight out of Gotham has just blown away anything in it's way!!

Now I'm a cynical person by nature, so if Get Wines Direct tell me something is the BEST WINE EVER, then I pretty much think that they could be trying to sell you a dud. But in this case... they were right.

In the under $10 price range there is nothing that comes close and to be honest, this wine is better than wines up to at least $25....

This Shiraz has the Gotham cigar box chocolate that I love so dearly, but it also has the ripest rasberry and smoothest finish. It is all class.

As soon as I had finished the first glass I ordered another dozen. My wife concurs and although she is one that ' likes what they like' she too was blown away by this wine. In fact I may even order another dozen by the time I finish this bottle.

$9.95 is as good as it gets and I hope that if you are reading this you get the opportunity to pick up some. Of course, this is a personal taste thing... I happen to adore the McLarenvale shiraz and this 2007 is simply wonderful.

Ok that's enough. Try it for your self...

Price $9.95 (Get Wines Direct)

Drinkability 91/92

Value 98

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Penfold Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz 2005

Well I have been a bit slack in the last week or so with writing up some of the amzing wines I have been lucky to try... I have bought multiple bottles, so I will get to them in time...

However, tonight it would have been amiss of me to omit a review of the new Penfolds Bin 389 2005. It's been a while since I have had any Penfolds wines and I have been saving this one for a special occasion (just happens to be our 4th wedding anniversary and we took a bottle to our favourite Italian Restaurant... Giadarnetto)

Ok. Well... in anticipation I started the wine breathing about 5.30 (about and hour and a half before we ate) this seemed like the perfect timing, as the wine was perfect from the first glass and lasted easily into the next couple of hours. A pleasant smooth nose and equally smooth palate, this wine was complex and delightful. (ok, delightful isn't a word I would use too often, but it seems appropriate here...) An equal balance of fruit (berry and other dark fruits) and oak (american, I'm guessing from the strong vanilla presence) with fine smooth tannins... this wine was possible the easiest and most pleasant to drink for me in many a moon.

I had read other people's encouraging reviews, so was most eager to try this and believe me... I will definitely keep an eye on any specials.

Drinkability 95 (yes, my highest rating ever)

Value 90 (for what you get, the price is ok)

Price $39.90 (on special Dan Murphys)