Sunday, 7 March 2010

Gotham Langhorne Creek / McLaren Vale Shiraz 2004

Just for something different and to celebrate the umpteenth day of rain, I decided to crack open an old favourite.
I am lucky to still have a few bottles left of this and I remember how unique it was (especially when left to breath for a long time)
So that's what I did and Wow!! This wine was so good.
Smooth and full, there was a definite honey-like aroma and taste, but definitely not over the top.
It has developed over the last year or two since I bought them and this has inspired me to leave the rest alone for another few years.
Sorry that I can't provide better tasting notes, but I was in no state to be typing last night and there was not more than a whiff left in the decanter. Suffice to say that both Jean and I were more than impressed with how smooth and distinctive this wine had become.

Gotham wines would have to be Australia's best niche reds. I was lucky to stumble across this one (because of the label) and have enjoyed every vintage since.

Price - Not available anymore, but was under $10 at auction a few years back.
Rating - 90 (I would get this again in an instant if I could)

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